Inspire and empower the next generation to build a world of equal opportunity for all by reducing the knowledge differential among students from different parts of the world and integrating the underprivileged to the mainstream


Build an exclusive platform where students from geographically, ethnically and economically diverse backgrounds can congregate leading to the free flow of knowledge and information across all barriers and thus fostering the notion of inclusiveness among the next generation.


Inclusiveness: We welcome people from every walk of life and value the diversity that they bring

Sharing: Sharing is empowering and is the best way to disseminate knowledge around the world

Equality: We believe in providing equal opportunity to all regardless of their background

Teamwork: Bringing brains together will lead to exponential results

Quality: Best outcome is achieved only through the best quality


uSchola is a platform designed with the objective of enabling easy and effective collaboration among students with varied interests and skillsets from different parts of the world so that collectively, the next generation can build a better world for future generations. This is in addition to another very important and critical need of providing information and resources to the marginalised students from various parts of the world to help themselves rise and contribute to the world that they are part of.

We at uSchola believe in teamwork and believe that students would also love to work in teams. Hence we provide various levels of grouping among students at uSchola.

Students are by default grouped according to the institutes that they are/were part of. We call this the vertical grouping.

We found this grouping limiting in terms of the flexibility that is required to spark innovation and create value among students. Hence we introduced the horizontal grouping under which students are allowed to create their own groups which may span across institutes, provinces and countries. We hope this flexibility in grouping will result in free flow of information and ideas across political boundaries and bring the next generation together to build a better world.

We are confident that, with the help of you, uSchola will be able to achieve these objectives by uplifting the deprived, developing knowledge parity and promoting equality around the world.

Currently, uSchola delivers the following services:


This is the service that provides an arena for students to help each other.

We recognize the need for getting the right mentoring for marginalized students to tap into the immense talent that go unused. A student who needs mentoring from fellow student from other areas, both geographically and skillset wise, can search for mentors who have signed up for providing mentoring in their areas of expertise. If the student cannot find a mentor who meets his/her needs then he/she can submit a request explaining the requirements. A potential mentor may contact the student in the future.

On the opposite side, we also recognize that there are several students who believe in the art of giving by sharing the knowledge with the less fortunate. In order to help them in this process, uSchola allow students to signup for providing mentoring for other students in their areas of expertise. These students will be added to the list of available mentors for potential mentees to search and connect for mentoring.


uSchola provides an immensely useful feature through which students can find fellow students who want to share ride between two locations anywhere in the world. This helps the students to plan their travel with their friends while saving a lot of money in the process.

Students will be able to submit their itenerary that other students will be able to search through uSchola. Students will be able to visually compare the routes on a map that shows both routes with the overlapping portion highlighted along with what percentage of the whole route is overlapped.

Student Posting

Submit, view, mark, forward, comment, and much more on postings submitted by students. Students are provided with numerous options to select appropriate scope for submitting the posting so that the postings are targeted to the right audience thereby increasing the relevance of the posting both for the author and the reader at the same time.


uSchola has information about more than 200,000 textbooks that are currently used by students from different parts of the world. Students are able to search, comment, rate, forward and share these book through uSchola.

Student Workgroup

This is a way to create customized group of students with a common goal. Through these groups, students from different institutes can come together and share ideas. Student may create as many groups as possible to collaborate among members of project teams, entertainment groups or sports teams.

There are two different types of groups: Public and Private. They differ primarily on the level of control that the creator has on the group.

Student Networking

This is a general social networking feature which helps to add fellow students to their friend network. This network of friends will be the group that will be used for various features such as calendar event creation, request forwards, book recommendation, real time communication, etc.


Calendar service provides a global event management system where students can manage events along with their friends. The service provides an easy to use interface through which students can make appointments by knowing the availability of their friends for any given period.

Calendar service will also provide timely notifications about any upcoming events on the student's calendar.

Calendar service is integrated with the posting service in the following ways:

  • Student can create an event on the calendar while submitting a posting
  • Student can pin an existing posting to his/her calendar


uSchola Messenger enables students to communicate in real time with other students from both web and mobile platforms seamlessly. Students have the options to communicate either individually or as a group. Messenger is also equipped with multimedia capabilities to share images.