One of the primary objectives of uSchola is to enable a healthy environment for students to help each other and hence build a sense of compassion and giving mentallity among the next generation.

There are several students from undeveloped and developing countries who are looking for advices on various education matters. We hope that there are several students on the other side who are willing to help these underprevilaged students to advance in their career.

Mentoring service is designed with the objective of bringing these two groups together breaking the political boundaries. In order to make the perfect match between the mentors and mentees, uSchola has developed a market place where mentors can offer and mentees can request mentoring service.

These services are meant to be completely free

Search Mentors

Students who are looking for mentoring service can search for mentors under this section.

A list of all mentors will be provided to the student. Student can contact the mentor through the button provided for each listed mentor if he/she can find a mentor in the appropriate category.

The list has a filtering capability through which student can limit the list to the one he/she is looking for

Search Mentees

This section is developed for students who are willing to offer mentoring to select a mentee. The list contains all the students who have signed up for receiving mentoring. Students can filter the list and contact any student for offering mentoring.


All the messages that are sent related to mentoring will be displayed under this section. Mentor and mentee requests will be marked separately on top right corner. Student is given the option to accept or reject the request.

My Mentoring

All the mentors and mentees for a student will be listed here in two tabs. Student is given the option to remove a mentor or a mentee at any given time. If a mentor is removed then the student will be removed from the mentee list of the mentor.

Mentor Settings

Student can signup, modify or delete his/her mentor or mentee profile through this page. If the student has signed up for any of these services, it will be listed here. If, at any time, the student choose to not offer this service any more he/she can delete the profile upon which the student will not be visible to other studens while searching for mentor or mentee.

Alternatively, student can add or remove any of the categories on the profile anytime.