Student Networking

This is the social networking side of uSchola. Student can search for other students from around the world and network with them.


Student's friends will be listed under this section. Any of the friends can be removed from the list by clicking the "remove" button attached each friend in the list.

The friends listed on this page will be the people available for the following services:

  • Posting forward
  • Book recommendation
  • Calendar invitation
  • Realtime chat

Friend Requests

Every friend request received by the student will be dislpayed here. Student can accept or reject the request by clicking appropriate button against each request listed.

Example of a message received by a student is given below:

search Contacts

Student can search for contacts using this page. There is a handy filter through which students can be filtered according to country, province, institute and keyword. Student can send a friend request by clicking on the button below each student listed. The selected student will be added to the friendlist only after he/she accept the friend request.

Below image shows the list displayed while searching for contacts: