Student Posting

Student posting is developed with the objective of providing an easy and flexible way to communicate students' needs and thoughts with the rest of the student world while maintaining control on the scope and visibility of the postings. Following sections provide detailed description of the features under this service.

Submit Posting

Students can select the scope of the posting by selecting appropriate posting type. Currently the following types are available:
  • Broadcast - posting will be available to all uSchola users
  • Internal - Student can select one or more institutes from a list of institutes that the student is related to. Posting will be visible only to students from the selected institutes. Student can relate themselves to an institute through "Myprofile" page
  • External - Student will be provided with a list of all the institutes currently available at uSchola. Posting can be submitted to one or more of these institutes by selecting from the list.
  • Group - This option is to limit visibility of the posting to a student work group. Student can select from a list of student groups that he/she is a member of. Students become part of a studentgroup through the "Student Work Group" page
There are various categories available for postings including Books, Sports, Events, Enterprenurship, etc. Depending on the type of categories, additional fields may appear.

Students may optionally choose to add image to a student posting if required.

All Posting

This section lists all the postings that are targeted to the student. The visibility of a posting to a student depends on the scope set by the author of the posting. Students can take a number of actions on the posting through the buttons displayed at the bottom right corner of each posting.

Some of the actions available are:

  • Voting - Students can up or down vote a given posting.
  • Pin to calendar - Students may pin an interesting posting to calendar so that they can follow up with the posting at a later time. If the posting is an event posting then the event timings will be automatically added to the calendar when added to the calendar.
  • Comment - Students can reply to a posting by commenting on it. Author of the comment will be able to delete the comment any time.
  • Mark - Students can mark an interesting posting for later use. These postings will be available through another link "Marked posting"
  • Delete - The author of a posting will be allowed to delete a posting any time.
  • Forward - Students can forward a posting to any of their friends. When a student clicks on the forward button, a list of all his/her friends will be displayed from which one can be selected to forward the posting to.

uSchola provides an adaptive filter on the posting page through which the student can filter the postings.

The options available for filter will automatically adjust to the type of posting displayed.

Internal Posting

Internal postings refer to the postings that are submitted to one of the institutes that the student is related to.

If a student is interested in viewing postings submitted to an institute, then he/she must add that institute to their profile. Students can add institutes to their profile through "My Profile" link available at the top right corner of the page after logged in.

Broadcast Posting

Broadcast postings are those that are available to every student regardless of the institutes or groups they are related to.

Friends Posting

This section displays all the postings submitted by the student's friends. A student can keep track of his/hr friend's postings through this link regardless of the student's institutes or groups

Recommended Posting

uSchola allows students to recommend interesting postings to their friends. This section displays all the postings recommended to the student by the student's friends. The posting will be displayed along with the message sent by the student's friends. The student can delete this posting from this section anytime.

Marked Posting

This section displays all the postings marked by a student so that he/she can refer to it later. Students can unmark the posting anytime. If the student unmarks a posting, then the posting will removed from this section.

My Posting

This section displays all the postings submitted by the student. The student can delete his/her posting from this page anytime.