Student Collaboration

student Collaboration provides added flexibility to create flexible group of students to work together towards a common goal. Members of a group can submit posting that can be viewed by only the members of the group thereby maintaining a level of privacy with in the group.

Students are allowed to create two different types of groups: Public and Private.

Create Group

Students create groups of their choice through this section.

A group is identified by its name. students can also add a short description about the objective of the group and an image to further help other students to identify the right group.

There are two different types of groups:

  • Private - This group is the most restrictive type of grouping at uSchola. The creator of the group has ultimate control on the group. Members are added only by the creator. The most important feature of this group is the "shared files" section. Each private group has a shared memory through which members can share documents among the members.
  • Public - Public group is less restrictive compared to private group. Any student who has an account with uSchola can view the public group and can become a member by clicking the "join group" button. Public group is perfect for students with similar interest can get together and share thoughts. Public group does not have shared memory to share files.


All the groups that the student is related to are listed under this section as shown below:

This list includes groups that are created by the student as well as those created by others which the student is a member of.

Student can view the groups that are created by himself by clicking the button "View my Groups" at the top left corner.

Student can take the following actions through buttons provided along with each group in the list:

  • Delete Group - This action will delete the group. This action is available only to the creator of the group. Deletion of a group will delete all data related to the group including the shared files and postings.
  • Exit from Group - This action is available to members of a group other than the creator. Members can exit from the group through this button.
  • Add Members - Members of a group including the creator can add new members to the group throught his button. Members will be presented with a list of students registered with uSchola along with a number of search filters that will help them to search the right student to add to the group. Members will be prompted to provide a message that will be presented to the added student along with options to accept or reject the invitation to join the group
  • Submit Posting - Members of a group can submit posting to the group throgh this button. Member will be prompted to fill in appropriate fields.
  • View Postings - Members can view all the postings submitted to a group by clicking this button.
  • Show Members - Each member can view all the other members of the group through this buttonn. Group members will be displayed as shown below:
  • Shared Files - This feature is available only for private groups. Members can manage files or documents shared by this group through this. The following interface will be provided to the member to manage files:

Join A Group

Students may join any of the public groups created at uSchola. These public groups are the engine to promote international collaboration among students from different parts of the world with extra ordinary skills and interests.

Students can join the group by clicking the "join group" button attached to each group in the liist.

The following screen captures a typical page that is listed to a student under this section.

Group Requests

Students can invite other students to join a group that he/she is a member of. Each of those requests will appear under this section of the invitee student.

The invitee student may choose to "accept" or "reject" the request. The student will become a member only if he/she clicks the accept button. The message will be deleted as soon as the student takes an action on the invitation.

Below screen shows how these requests are listed:

View Group Postings

This section provides one place to see all the postings submtted to all groups that the student is a member of.

Student can easily filter these postings in a number of ways as desribed in the "Postings" section

Submit Group Postings

This is another place where students can submit postings to any of the groups that the student is a member of.