Student Events Planner

Events Planner service is a full fledged application through which students can manage their daily activities with other students. The application provides the following features:

  • Multiple views - Students can access the calendar through three different views: Monthly, Weekly and Daily
  • Events - Events are marked on the calendar. Each event can be clicked open to view details
  • Event creation - Events can be easily created through click and drag on the appropriate view which will open up a form to fill additional details of the event
  • Schedule - Students can add friends to the event by typing their names on schedule tab. System will automatically fetch their caledar availability for the user to view. Event timings can furhter modified on the schedule depending on the availability of invitees
  • Notifications - Students will be notified of upcoming events in realtime 15 min prior to the appointment.
  • Event forward - Students can forward an event received from friends to others

Weekly view of the calendar that shows a scheduled event highlighed in blue.

Students will be prompted to enter additional details while creating an event on the calendar. The start and end timings will be automatically updated depending on the selection. Students are provided with two tabs: Description and Attendees

Attendees tab will provide the form to add as many invitees as requierd to the event. Students are allowed to add only their friends to a calendar event to prevent accidentally sending events to strangers. System will autofill as attendees' names are typed into the field. Schedule of the student added to the attendee list will be displayed on the schedule. Blue highlighted portion indicates that the student is nto free during that period. Schedule timings can be modified by selecting appropriate perdio from the schedule. Schedule will automatically add more days as the student browse towards either end.

Event Requests

Each attendee added to a calendar event by a student will receive an invitation to the event. These invitations are listed under this section. The student can either accept or reject the invitation. If the student accepts the invitation, an event will be created on the student's calendar.


Students will receive any notification related to events other than invitations. These notifications will be listed under this section.

For eg: If an event is forwarded to another student by one of the attendees then the organizer of the event will receive a notification that will provide details about the person who forwarded the invitation and the new attendees.