Student Networking

This is the networking face of uSchola. We are trying to break the institutional barriers for students to network with students from other institutions. We hope this service will encourage students from varying backgrounds - Geographical, economical, expertise, ethnicity and others - to come together to germinate astounding innovations from unique partnerships.

search Contacts

Student can search for students from other institutions using this page. Every student registered on the platform will be available through the search. We have provided handy filters through which search results can be filtered according to country, province, institute and keyword. Student can send a friend request to which the receving student can respond. The selected student will be added to the friend list only after the receiver accepts the request.

Provided image shows a sample of the list displayed while searching for contacts

Friend Requests

Every friend request received by the student will be dislpayed here. Student can accept or reject the request by clicking appropriate button against each request listed.

Example of a request received by a student is given below:


Every student in the user's network will be listed here. The user can manage the contact list using this section. Anyone from the network can be removed from the list by clicking the "remove" button.

The user's network will form the base for some of the activities under the following services:

  • Postings
  • Text Books
  • Events Planner
  • Messenger