Student Tutoring

uSchola Tutoring is the perfect meeting place for students who are looking for tutors or tutorees.

The service is created with an intention to provide an easy to use channel through which students can find relevant tutors. By having a common place for students from multiple institutes, we hope to expand the reach of potential tutors outside the institutional boundaries. We expect this platform will foster an environment where knowledge and information will flow seamlessly between institutes.

Tutor Sign up

Students who are willing and capable of providing tutoring services on specific subjects at college and university levels can sign up as tutors. Students can choose from a list of available courses at various institutes to create a tutor profile. Students can specify the available dates and timeslots in a wide variety of ways including periodical recurring patterns.

We have also provided the option to specify associated cost of delivering the service if the student choose to do so.

Alternately, We have added the ability to choose general courses that are not related to any specific institutions so that users can make use of the platform for non-institutional areas of expertise.

Search Tutors

Students who are looking for tutoring service can search for tutors under this section.

Student can search for tutors for any of the available courses from various institutes on the platform. The search can be done within a specified period to find available tutors within the search window.

A list of available tutors will be presented in the search results along with the date, timeslots and the associated price if any

Student can then choose one or more of the timselots to request for a session.

Tutor Requests

Registered tutors will receive the requests sent to them by potential tutorees. The requests will be presented under the tutor request secion where all the requests will be listed with the requested timeslots.

Tutor will then have the ability to accept the requested timeslots selectively if required by choosing appropriate timeslots within the request. All the accepted timeslots will be recorded as confirmed and will be available for both tutor and tutoree to view anytime under the Tutor Assignment section.

Tutor Assignments

All the confirmed tutor assignments will be available for both Tutor and Tutoree. The confirmed sessions will be grouped according to the course and the tutors/tutorees.

Both Tutor and Tutorees will be able to cancel the tutor assignments anytime after the sessions are confirmed if the plan changes. The cancellation will be notified to the other party.